The Fixative Story

Established in 2018 by then student Fletcher Naisbett-Jones, Fixative is a dynamic streetwear brand that transcends fashion to become a platform for artistic expression and collaboration. Fixative uniquely intertwines streetwear aesthetics with a commitment to fostering emerging talent, and has become a launching pad for aspiring artists.

We have collaborated with multiple artists around the globe, some of which you can read about on the 'Collab Archive' section of our website. Through strategic partnerships, we kickstart the careers of promising artists, showcasing their work on limited edition streetwear collections.

Fixative doesn't just feature art; we collaborate with emerging creatives, providing a canvas for their vision to come to life. When you buy from Fixative you are not only supporting a small, family run, ethical business; but also helping aspiring creatives take the next step on their dream career path.

Every garment tells a story, and every artist finds a stage for their voice.

Love as always